Christina Markakis: Who is Nick Markakis’ wife? When They Met?

Christina Markakis: Who is Nick Markakis' wife? When They Met?

Who is Christina Markakis? Here is all you need to know about the beautiful wife of Nick Markakis.

Christina Markakis is the gorgeous wife of the former professional baseball player Nick Markakis who played in the MLB for 15 seasons. In 2021, Nick ended up his professional career to give more time to his beautiful family.

The couple has been together for two years before they got married in 2008. Since their marriage, they have welcomed three children. All of their children are boys who are fully energetic in making noise at home.

Christina is a happy wife and satisfied mother who loves spending time with her husband and children.

When Christina Markakis and Nick Markakis Met?

The future couple was first met in 2006 during a super bowl party. Christina was a friend of Nick’s friend’s wife who became one of the reasons for their meeting. They started dating in 2006 and decided to get married in 2008. Christina is also a former school teacher which is why she knows how to handle naughty kids.

Christina Markakis Children

The couple welcomed their first kid Taylor Jason Markakis in March 2009. They were extremely happy with this beautiful addition to their family. The following year they welcomed another son Tucker Edward. As of now, they have three children, all of them are boys. Christina wishes to have a baby girl.

Net Worth

Christina Markakis hasn’t been associated with any big business or profession so her net worth is not much bigger. But on the other hand, her husband Nick has been one of the highest-paid MLB players. As of 2022, Nick’s net worth is estimated at around $40 million. The couple is spending a happy, healthy, and luxurious life.

Christina Markakis has been an athlete during her college time. She knows all that a sportsperson needs in his life. She supported his husband during his professional career.

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