Amanda Gulyas: All You Need To Know About Kevin Pillar’s Wife

Amanda Gulyas: All You Need To Know About Kevin Pillar’s Wife

Who is the wife of American professional baseball player, Kevin Pillar? All you need to know about Amanda Gulyas is here.

Kevin Pillar is a free agent who played in the MLB. Amanda Gulyas is the beautiful, hot, and lovely wife of the professional baseball player, Kevin Pillar. Pillar’s professional career has not been very satisfying for some years. He debuted in the Major Baseball League in 2013. Currently, he plays for the Atlanta Braves of Major League Baseball.

In his personal life, Kevin Pillar is spending a happy married life with a beautiful young lady.

Who is Amanda Gulyas?

Like many other couples, Amanda and Kevin Pillar also attended the same school where they started an interest in one another. Amanda Gulyas has a Bachelor of arts and applied communication degree.

Amanda is a TV and film Coordinator at Davie Brown Entertainment. She has been attached to the profession since 2012. She has been working for many other popular Entertainment programs.


Soon after the marriage of the celebrity couple, they welcomed their first child. Now, the couple has a baby boy and a girl Kobie and Jett. According to them, they are enjoying their married life a lot with their two cute children.

Amanda likes her privacy and she enjoys her own company. She keeps her social media profile private.

Interesting Fact

Amanda’s favorite athlete is Kobe Bryant, she has been so a fan of the legendary basketball player that she named her first child Kobie, who was born in 2017. Amanda Gulyas was in deep pain after the news of the accidental death of the legendary basketball player.

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