Cristiano Ronaldo pictured with Saudi tennis player Yara al-Hogbani

Football icon Cristiano Ronaldo was photographed this week alongside up-and-coming Saudi tennis player Yara al-Hogbani at Al Nassr’s club.

Al-Hogbani posted a picture with the Portuguese star on her Instagram story, seemingly taken at the club’s training facility.

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Al-Hogbani also posted a story from the football pitch before a match between Al Nassr and Abha on Tuesday.

Born in 2004, al-Hoqbani is the pioneer female tennis player representing Saudi Arabia professionally.

The country has witnessed a surge in female sports participation in recent years following reforms that have eased many restrictions for women.

Ronaldo is one of the prominent football figures to have joined Saudi Arabian football clubs, paving the way for others to do the same.

These developments have brought international attention to Saudi clubs and the Saudi Pro League as part of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to enhance the sports landscape in alignment with Vision 2030.

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