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Top 10 Best Dog Sports and Activities – Most Popular Dog Sports

Which are the best dog sports and most useful dog activities? Here we have some of the most popular and most liked dog sports and activities.

Is your pet lazy and needs physical exercise? Then you have landed in the right place. We are going to tell you some of the best and most entertaining things to do with your dog. Dogs are also happy with sports and enjoyable activities like human sports.

Almost every dog needs some exercise but some need more because of different nature and living standards. An active dog gets more attractions than a lazy one. Before practicing any kind of exercise or sport make sure the proper vaccination of your dog.

Let’s dive into the list of the most popular dog sports and activities to make your dog more active and healthy.

Top 10 Best Dog Sports and Activities – Most Popular Dog Sports

1. Agility

Top 10 Best Dog Sports and Activities - Most Popular Dog Sports

Agility is one of the most useful and attractive dog sports. It is done within an obstacle course. In this activity, a dog is trained to jump, slide, and run on a narrow path by a trainer or handler. After some practice, your dog will understand the pattern of the sport and will enjoy it.

Agility can be easy in a situation where the communication between dog and handler is effective. Otherwise, it will take more time to train the dog to be familiar with the pattern and path of the game.

2. Disc Dogs

Top 10 Best Dog Sports and Activities - Most Popular Dog Sports

Disc Dogs is another useful and one of the best dog sports. It is also all about the practice that makes your dog more active and sharp. As the name and above photo suggest the kind of the sport, in disc dogs sport, a trainer’s experience is very important. He/she should know from what distance and in which direction he should throw the disc.

In disc dog sport, a trainer throws a disc from a specific distance in a specific direction. A dog is trained and made familiar with the game and he chases the disc and catches it by jumping. This fast chasing and jumping make your dog active and sharp enough to judge the direction of the disc even before the trainer’s throw.

3. Lure Coursing

Top 10 Best Dog Sports and Activities - Most Popular Dog Sports

Lure coursing is one of the most popular ways to train your dog for a chasing competition. In lure coursing sport a dog chases an artificial moving object instead of a live animal in a field.

This sport improves the stamina of your dog and makes it more effective in chasing a target. Lure coursing is limited to some specific breeds of dogs such as Greyhounds, Whippets, and Rhodesian ridgebacks.

4. Flyball

Top 10 Best Dog Sports and Activities - Most Popular Dog Sports

Flyball sport is like a relay race. It is a competitive sport in which two or more teams of dogs compete for a specific task. Mostly a dog has to run from a starting point by jumping obstacles and hurdles and has to reach a ”flyball box” where he triggers the box to get a ball.

After getting the ball the dag hast to take the ball back to the handler. After completion of one cycle, the other dog is released from the starting point to repeat the round.

5. Dock Jumping

Dock Jumping

You might have seen human long jumping or high jumping competition. Dock jumping is the same thing but it includes water instead of ground. Dock jumping is one of the best dog sports in the world. In this sport, a dog jumps high or long from a dock to the body of water. This is a competitive sport where one with the highest or longest jump wins.

Dock jumping is not ideal for all dog breeds. This is ideal for high-energy dogs who love water such as Labrador Retrievers. If you have a labrador retriever then this dog sport is going to be very exciting for your pet.

6. Tracking


Dogs are gifted with the absolute sense of smell. They follow this dominant sense in search missions. Because of this incredible quality dogs are used for security purposes and search operations. But your pet is not going to do any mission that’s why he is getting bored. Why not take it for fun to check his sharp sense.

Tracking is one of the most ideal dog sports and activities in which a dog has to follow a scent trail. This is a challenging activity that makes your dog active and sharp.

7. Rally Obedience

Rally Obedience

Rally obedience is also a popular dog sport or activity in which a dog handler trains the dog for his obedience. Simply it can be said an obedience exercise. In this activity, a dog has to complete a course by following different instructions and signs.

Rally obedience is for all dog breeds. It depends on their trainer/handler in how much time he/she can make them obedient to follow all the rules.

More Dog Sports:

Above given are the most common, best and most liked dog sports. Some other dog sports are:

  • Herding Trials
  • Conformation
  • Canine Freestyle

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