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Jurgen Klopp Net Worth

Jurgen Klopp is a popular German professional football manager and former player. He is one of the best and most successful football managers of the era. Jurgen Klopp is currently the manager of the Premier League club Liverpool FC. Jurgen Klopp’s net worth is $50 million which puts him up on the list of the highest-paid football managers of the time. As a football manager, he has managed Borussia Dortmund and Mainz before Liverpool FC.

Jurgen Klopp Net Worth

Jurgen Klopp Net Worth

Early Life & Career

Jurgen Klopp was born on 16 June 1967 in Stuttgart, West Germany. His father was a former goalkeeper. Klopp did a lot of struggle during his child football days. He did a number of part-time jobs to sustain himself and growing his skills. He has a more successful career as a football manager than a football player. Klopp started his managing career with Mainz 05 in 2001. In 2008 Borussia Dortmund approached him to be a football manager for them.

He joined Dortmund and managed the first game on 9 August 2008. After spending two seasons there on 8 October 2015 he was agreed to a deal with Liverpool FC. During 2017-19 Liverpool FC won their first UCL title which made him more prominent and a successful manager ever came to Liverpool FC history. As a manager, he got a lot of fame around the world because of his unique tactics and style of managing.

Love Life & Family

Jurgen Klopp married twice officially. His first marriage was not much successful and in 2001 they were divorced. His first wife’s name was Sabine Klopp. In 2005 he was married to Ulla Sandrock. He has a son Marc Klopp who is also a professional football player who plays for Germany.


Jurgen Klopp is one of the best and technical football managers ever came in the history of Liverpool FC. After his joining the club first time won the UEFA Champions League title in history, This made him more strong and popular. He is one of the highest-paid managers.

As of 2022, Jurgen Klopp’s net worth is more than $50 million.

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