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Adrien Broner Net Worth

Last Updated on January 7, 2022

Adrien Broner Net Worth

About Adrien Broner Net Worth

Adrien Broner is a popular American professional boxer. In the four-weight class championship, Broner held a number of awards and records. As a professional boxer, he has earned a lot of fame and made a good name among boxing fans on the planet. On the other hand, as professional he also has earned a huge wealth from his profession.

As of now according to a recent report in 2022, Adrien Broner’s net worth is $10 million. In different competitions, he has been paid millions.

Early Life & Career

Adrien Broner was born on 28 July 1989 in Cincinnati, Ohio, the U.S. He grew up in hometown and started learning about boxing at young age. He was 11 when he began boxing. According to him sports and boxing saved his life from the street’s bad life.

Adrien Broner’s amateur career was wonderful which contains a record of 300 wins. He became a professional boxer in 2008 and the journey of successes began. As a professional boxer, Broner has set a number of records and titles in different classes.

In Adrien Broner’s professional career he has more than 90 percent wins which are a great achievement. As of now, he has won 33 out of 39 games.

Love Life & Family

Adrien Broner’s wife’s name is Arie Nicole who has been his longtime girlfriend. The couple has never revealed any children.


With a great win ratio, Adrien Broner is one of the best boxers of the era. He has set a number of records on his profile. As a professional boxer, he has earned a lot of wealth.

According to recent reports, in 2022, Adrien Broner’s net worth is $10 million. He has been paid highly for the competitions he has won.

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