Sergio Ramos Wife: Who is Pilar Rubio?

Sergio Ramos Wife

Who Is Sergio Ramos?

Sergio Ramos is a Spanish professional soccer player. He plays for the popular Spanish football club Real Madrid and the national football team. Ramos plays as a defender but he is a versatile player who can be seen in any part of the ground during a match.

Aggression is something that made him somehow notorious among football fans around the world. He is considered one of the most aggressive soccer players of the era. Because of this many times, he has been sent off of the field. Pilar Rubio is known as Sergio Ramos’s wife, she is a popular Spanish lady. Ramos has a net worth of $82 million.

Who is Sergio Ramos’s Wife?

The Spanish soccer star married Pilar Rubio in 2019. The football star has been dating some other girls in the past. He was recently married to Pilar Rubio who is a famous TV presenter and popular celebrity in Spain.

She was born on 17 March 1978 in Spain and professionally got famous as a TV presenter by covering different famous and most-watched programs. Another reason for her fame is her partner who is one of the most popular football players of the era.

Pilar Rubio is one of the most followed TV presenters on social media. She has social media profiles on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Sergio Ramos Children

The couple welcomed their first child Sergio Ramos Rubio in 2014. Their second child Marco Ramos Rubio was born in 2015 and Alejandro Ramos Rubio was born in 2018 was the third child of the couple. By sharing the love moments photos on social media both husbands’ wives make their love even stronger.

Pilar Rubio Parents

  • Manuel Rubio
  • Pilar Fern├índez

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