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What is R9 Cut? Untold Reason Behind This Haircut

The R9 cut, also known as the Ronaldo cut, is a type of haircut that was popularized by Brazilian footballer Ronaldo Nazário in the early 2000s. The haircut is characterized by a shaved head with a small patch of hair left on top.

Ronaldo got the haircut before the 2002 FIFA World Cup, and it quickly became a popular trend among fans and players alike. However, the haircut was also criticized by some for its unusual appearance.

R9 cut

Despite the criticism, the R9 cut remains a popular haircut among some people, especially in Brazil. It is often seen as a symbol of Brazilian football culture and as a way to show support for Ronaldo.

The Untold Story of R9 Cut

Ronaldo faced a lot of injuries and health problems during his professional career. Suddenly, shaved half of his head and came out with an unusual look that was criticized by fans and teammates as well. But this was something that he himself wanted to be, because according to some beliefs in the world when something ugly will be in front of evil eyes then actual precious things will be hidden from them.

Neymar in R9 cut

According to many reports, this was the main reason for the R9 cut. A number of great milestones, including the FIFA World Cup, were achieved by him after that.

Here are some tips for getting an R9 cut:

  • Ask your barber for a shaved head with a small patch of hair left on top.
  • The patch of hair should be about the size of a tennis ball.
  • The patch of hair should be styled in a way that is flattering to your face shape.
  • You can also ask your barber to add some designs to the patch of hair, such as a lightning bolt or a Brazilian flag.

R9 hairstyle

If you are considering getting an R9 cut, it is important to remember that it is a very bold haircut. It is important to be confident in your appearance and to be prepared for some attention if you decide to get this haircut.

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