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Top 20 Greatest Athletes in History

greatest athletes in history

Creating a definitive list of the greatest athletes in history is challenging, as it involves comparing achievements and skills across various sports and eras. The criteria for greatness can vary, including dominance in their respective fields, records set, impact on their sport, and cultural significance. However, there’s a general table featuring some of the most prominent athletes from various sports and eras.

Rank Athlete Sport Era
1 Muhammad Ali Boxing 1960s-1980s
2 Michael Jordan Basketball 1980s-2000s
3 Usain Bolt Track and Field 2000s-2010s
4 Serena Williams Tennis 2000s-present
5 Pelé Soccer 1950s-1970s
6 Babe Ruth Baseball 1910s-1930s
7 Tiger Woods Golf 1990s-present
8 Simone Biles Gymnastics 2010s-present
9 Michael Phelps Swimming 2000s-2010s
10 Diego Maradona Soccer 1980s-1990s
11 LeBron James Basketball 2000s-present
12 Roger Federer Tennis 2000s-present
13 Jesse Owens Track and Field 1930s
14 Jackie Robinson Baseball 1940s-1950s
15 Tom Brady American Football 2000s-present
16 Martina Navratilova Tennis 1970s-1990s
17 Diego Maradona Soccer 1980s-1990s
18 Carl Lewis Track and Field 1980s-1990s
19 Wayne Gretzky Ice Hockey 1970s-1990s
20 Nadia Comăneci Gymnastics 1970s-1980s

Please note that this table is a broad overview and is not exhaustive. It’s important to remember that greatness can be subjective and influenced by individual preferences, the sports one is familiar with, and cultural factors. Many other athletes from various sports deserve recognition for their contributions to their respective fields.

Frequently Asked Questions about Greatest Athletes

Who is the Greatest Athlete in history?

Muhammad Ali (boxer) is considered the greatest athlete in the history of the world.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo the Greatest Athlete in the World?

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest soccer players in history, but when it comes to all-time greatest athletes, he is not at the top of the list. History has many other greatest athletes.


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