Top 10 Greatest Free-kick Goals Ever

The transfer window before the season 2022-23 is at its peak. Some of the big names are being transferred to other teams. The hottest news among these is the expected transfer of the Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo.

Last season wasn’t the desired one for Manchester United because they were expecting a lot after signing Cristiano Ronaldo for the 2nd time after 2009.

Though Cristiano Ronaldo’s individual performance was good at the club as a team Manchester United was unsuccessful during the last season. The worst thing about their unsuccessful season was their elimination from UEFA Champions League this season.

Now the situation is quite awkward because Cristiano Ronaldo wants to play in the Champions League next season but it is not possible while staying at Manchester United.

According to news updates, Ronaldo wants to leave Manchester United but on the other hand, none of the big European clubs is interested in buying the Portuguese forward. We got a piece of news about an open talk with Liverpool FC that can be an initiative to something big.

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