Toni Kroos Net Worth

Toni Kroos Net Worth

About Toni Kroos Net Worth

As of now in 2023, Toni Kroos’ net worth is $27 million.

Toni Kroos is a popular German professional football player. He plays for the German national football team and the famous Spanish club Real Madrid. He is one of the most popular German footballers. Toni Kroos’ net worth is more than $27 million. His estimated net worth includes Toni Kroos’ salary and other bonuses he gets from Real Madrid and the national side. Furthermore, he has sponsorship and endorsement deals with some of the worldwide brands and products.

Early Life & Career

Toni Kroos was born on 4 January 1990 in Greifswald, East Germany. He plays as a midfielder. Kroos started his career with a local club Greifswalder SC. He started his senior career with one of the most popular clubs Bayern Munich. He joined the club in 2010. In the 2014-15 season, he joined the Spanish popular football club Real Madrid FC. He has played more than four seasons with Real Madrid. During his career at Real Madrid, he improved his game very much and became one of the best midfielders in the football world.

His international career started with the U17 national team. He played in the 2010, 2014, and 2018 FIFA World Cup with his national team. Toni Kroos also has played Euro Cup tournament with his national team. He is the only player from the former German Democratic Republic to win a World Cup.

Love life and family

The year 2015 was the year of marriage for Toni Kroos when he was married to Jessica Kroos. His wife is a cute and very supportive lady. He has two children named Leon Kroos and Amelie Kroos. In fact, the family is very happy to have one another.


One of the most talented and fastest midfielders in the football world, Toni Kroos has a unique record of being the only player from former German Democratic who won a World Cup title. During his career with Real Madrid, he has played very brilliant games and Real Madrid won many big titles in the presence of Toni Kroos and other legends like Cristiano Ronaldo.

As of now in 2023, Toni Kroos’ net worth is $27 million.

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