The Best US Sportsbooks on the Market

Are you in search of a betting site to bet on within the USA? Or maybe you came across these posts and are wondering what a sportsbook is and why some are better than others. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

As you know, in the US several sports games are played, such as American football, baseball, etc. These sports games offer fans the opportunity to make money by placing bets on a team, player, or event.

A sportsbook refers to the body and companies that allow people to place bets. The placing of bets can be through one of these company’s websites or in a four-walled building that accepts bets on sports.

Betting can take place inside the sportsbooks’ casinos or online via mobile applications or web browsers on phones and PCs.

Now you know what sportsbooks are and what they do, the question is, which are the best US sportsbooks? This is a difficult question to answer directly because everyone has a different view.

Below is a list of the five best sportsbooks, plus a new sportsbook that’s recently appeared.

These sportsbooks are the most used platforms for betting by Americans.

To come up with this list, we followed five points

  • The availability of the sportsbooks within states in the USA
  • The first-time offers and promos
  • The odds available
  • The daily and weekly promos
  • The sports available to bet on

Top 5 Sportsbooks on the US Market


A popular sportsbook sitting at the top of our list is FanDuel. It is a trusted brand that has partnerships with the NFL, MBA, NHL, and MLB.

As of December 31st, 2023, FanDuel can be accessed in over 21 states.

To place a bet using FanDuel, you have two options, which are

  1. Physically visit their casinos
  2. Virtually, either through their website or their application

Their application is available on both Android and IOS operating systems.

Their operating systems are user-friendly and navigating through them to find features is not difficult.

To start betting using FanDuel, you need to deposit an amount of money—minimum of $10. After the registration process, you get a wallet.

Depositing money on FanDuel can be done through different mediums, such as bank transfer, cheque, wire transfer, or debit/credit card. 

To access your profits, you withdraw from your

FanDuel wallet via the same payment system you used to deposit. 

Depositing and withdrawing money takes anywhere between 24 hours  7 days, depending on the payment method.

They give new users a 20 percent promo on their first deposit. This means that if a new user deposits $1000, he/she gets $200 as a bonus.

Common sports you can bet on are baseball, basketball, boxing, cricket, darts, soccer (Ligue1), soccer (Serie A), table tennis, and rugby.

Draft King

Established in 2012 and with over 50,000 active daily users is DraftKing. You can place a bet on DraftKing right from your phone by using the mobile app or website application. 

Presently, over 20 states, including New York, Maryland, Illinois, Ohio, etc., allow betting through Draft King.

Most casinos and betting sites offer promos and bonuses, but Draft King seems to offer the best. 

Newbies are offered a $50 bonus as a thank-you for signing up on their site. When a bet of $5 is placed, the new sign-up gets a $200 bonus. 

In addition to this, for every deposit made, Draft King offers a 20 percent bonus up to $1000. 

To deposit and earn this bonus, there are several payment methods available, such as debit/credit card, PayPal, wire transfer, bank transfer, etc.

Draft King is a platform where you can bet on your favorite sport and find great odds. For example, NFL odds, NBA odds, NHL odds, soccer odds, PGA odds, etc.


One thing most users of this great platform evangelize is the great user experience. Caesar, like other sportsbooks, came to life over two decades ago with its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

It offers a bonus of $1100 to new users to bet without any risk. If you lose, you will be completely refunded. To place a bet, you can visit their casinos in Las Vegas or use their online applications.

Caesar is known for great customer service, which includes free use of their properties and free meals at their 5-star restaurant.

Caesar offers a wide range of great odds on sports like baseball, soccer, cycling, boxing, cricket, and darts, etc.


BetMGM is a betting company that cherishes its betters. One of the features you can find on BetMGM is the cool media section, which shows games going live so that you can tune in and watch live stats. 

Watching live stats increases your chances of winning by enabling you to analyze your bet more accurately.

You can get free money via a new user deposit offer, daily odds boosts, and promos around events. Examples of such events are the festive season or general betting events. 

The bonus for new users on BetMGM casino or sportsbooks is $600, which will be refunded if you lose.

BetMGM is accessible in over 20 states and lots of betting options are present on the site.


Bet365 is a global betting organization and is legal in seven states—Colorado, Lowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Jersey, Ohio, and Virginia.

Bet365 is not only about sport betting but also betting on casino games.

The sportsbook can be accessed via a mobile app and website.

Bet365 also offers livestream services for the most popular sports.

The customer support on Bet365 is excellent. It includes live chat and email support with the inclusion of a customer support agent.

You can bet on a lot of markets, such as last goal scorer, anytime goal scores, winning margin, and half-time and full-time scores. You can bet on rugby, football, horse racing, American football, basketball, golf, boxing, etc.


Fanatics started as an e-commerce company supplying sports products, and it turned into a sportsbook eight months ago. 

It is a sportsbooks that’s best for beginners in the betting game, with lots of different sports to bet on.

Fanatics is available in Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Kentucky, and it has plans for further expansion.

New users will receive $10 and get $40 bonus bets for the first five days of betting.

The sportsbooks listed are based on our own criteria and preferences. You can visit their sites to learn more about them.

The good news is that with a minimum of $10, you can place your first bet on these platforms without any risk of losing.