Top 10 Richest Basketball Players in The World in 2024

Who is the richest basketball player in the world right now?

Basketball has long been seen as a means of becoming one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, yet a world-famous athlete does not emerge overnight. The highest paying sport in the world, basketball is the most watched sport in the USA, this a the main reason that attracts advertisers and brands to sign expensive contracts with NBA players. 

It requires a lot of effort and a firm grasp of the necessary abilities in the profession. Basketball, on the other hand, is a well-known sport. Together with their recent net worth and a brief bio, we have chosen to produce a list of the Top 10 of the world’s richest NBA players.

Richest basketball players

Top 10 Richest Basketball Players In The World in 2024

10. Grant Hill – $180 Million

Grant Hill

Grant Hill was a member of the Detroit Pistons of the National Basketball Association. In 1994, he was selected, and in 1997, he was awarded NBA Rookie of the Year and Sporting New’s Rookie of the Year. Grant Hill is the tenth richest basketball player on the list. 

As of 2023, Grant Hill’s net worth is estimated around at $180 million.

9. Kevin Garnett – $190 Million

Kevin Garnett

Next in the list of richest basketball players is another retired legend. Kevin Garnett is a Greenville, South California American NBA player. He was awarded the fifth overall pick of the Minnesota Timberwolves in the NBA Draft in 1995 following his participation at the Farragut Career Academy.

As of 2023, Kevin Garnett’s net worth is more than $190 million.

8. Hakeem Olajuwon – $200 Million

Hakeem Olajuwon

Hakeem Olajuwon is a former NBA player from Lagos, Nigeria, who was born in the United States. He was a center with the Houston Rockets from 1984 until 2002. Olajuwon was elected into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2008 and the FIBA Hall of Fame in 2016.

Hakeem Olajuwon has a net worth of USD 200 million as of 2023, making him the eighth richest NBA player.

7. David Robinson – $200 Million

David Robinson

David Robinson, well known by his nickname “The Admiral,” is a retired NBA player from Key West, Florida. He was a member of the San Antonio Spurs during his basketball career. Robinson was the team’s first-round choice in 1987 and is widely regarded as one of the finest centers in NBA history.

David Robinson is the 7th richest NBA player in the world, with a net worth of over $200 million.

6. Kobe Bryant – $350 Million

Kobe Bryant richest

Kobe Bryant is a professional basketball player from Philadelphia, United States. He’s one of the wealthiest basketball players in the league. In 1996, he joined the Lakers and formed a famous one-two punch with center Shaquille O’Neal. 

Kobe Bryant is the 6th richest NBA player in the world, with a net worth of $400 million.

5. Shaquille O’Neal – $400 Million

Shaquille O'Neal - richest basketball players

Shaquille O’Neal, a retired NBA player from Newark, is an American basketball player. O’Neal went on to become one of the finest centers in NBA history. O’Neal has also played pro basketball alongside Koby Bryant for many years.

Shaquille O’Neal’s net worth is estimated to be about USD 400 million in 2023. He is the fifth richest basketball player on the list of richest basketball players in the world. 

4. LeBron James – $450 Million

LeBron James - richest basketball players

LeBron James is an American basketball player and entrepreneur who hails from Akron, Ohio. James is known as “King James” and presently plays for the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers. LeBron James was the standout guard for the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers until he signed a free-agent deal with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2019.

LeBron James has amassed a net worth of USD 450 million throughout his career.

3. Magic Johnson – $600 Million

Magic Johnson - richest basketball players

Magic Johnson is a former NBA player from the state of Michigan. Johnson became an entrepreneur after disclosing that he had got HIV. Starbucks, Fridays, and 24-Hour Fitness are among Johnson’s current collaborations.

As of 2023, Magic Johnson’s estimated net worth is $600 million.

2. Junior Bridgeman – $600 Million

Junior Bridgeman - richest basketball players

East Chicago native Junior Bridgeman is a retired NBA player. Apart from the rising number of Chili’s restaurants with 118 branches and expanding, he currently holds over 160 outlets. Bridgeman was inducted into the Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame in 1999.

Junior Bridgeman has a net worth of USD 600 million USD, making him the world’s second-richest NBA player.

1. Michael Jordan – $1.7 Billion

Michael Jordan richest basketball player ever

Michael Jordan is a former NBA basketball player who now works as a businessman. The bulk of his wealth currently comes from endorsement deals with Nike, his major sponsor. Michael Jordan is widely regarded as the best NBA player ever.

Michael Jordan is the wealthiest NBA player in the history of basketball, with a net worth of $1.7 billion. The remarkable player is one of the richest athletes in the world.


The top ten richest basketball players in the world in 2023 are:

  1. Michael Jordan – $2.1 Billion
  2. Junior Bridgeman – $600 Million
  3. Magic Johnson – $600 Million
  4. LeBron James – $450 Million
  5. Shaquille O’Neal – $400 Million
  6. Kobe Bryant – $350 Million
  7. David Robinson – $200 Million
  8. Hakeem Olajuwon – $200 Million
  9. Kevin Garnett – $190 Million
  10. Grant Hill – $180 Million

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