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Moeen Ali Wife: Who is Firoza Hossain? Family and Kids

Moeen Ali Wife

Who is Moeen Ali wife? Here we have some of the interesting facts about Firoza Hossain.

Moeen Ali is an English All-round Cricketer who is a powerful left-handed batsman and tricky in right-handed off-spin. His full name is Moeen Munir Ali and his age is 35 years.

Moeen Ali’s Girlfriends and affairs

Many websites have stated that Moeen Ali had a girlfriend before marriage which is untrue and immoral also. Moeen has spent a genius life and never dated anyone.

Who is Moeen Ali’s wife? How did they meet?

He was at the age of 20 when he started liking Firoza Hossain during the English team’s visit to Bangladesh. The cricketer asked his family to go to Bangladesh with the marriage proposal. Cricketer’s father Munir Ali (Pakistani) with a few honest members did so and asked for Firoza’s hand for Moeen. Consequently, being Muslims and pious belongings, they arranged a beautiful Islamic wedding. At the time of the wedding, the cricketer was at the age of 21. As time passed, they received two good news related to their family extension.

Wherefrom Moeen Ali’s wife is?

Moeen Ali’s wife was from Bangladesh but she is currently living with her husband and two children in Birmingham, England.

Moeen Ali wife and family

Moeen Ali’s Wife’s Nature

Firoza is a pious woman and she has never socialized herself. She is accounted to have been on social media a few and far between. There is no authentic record regarding her personality traits, likes, and dislikes but it has been recorded that she likes watching cricket.

Moeen Ali and his Wife Relationship

The connection between the couple is so strong that she had never visited Bangladesh without her husband. She visited her home only twice in the entire married life without him but only with his consent. They are both very gentle and they have given their son the name of Abu Baker (As a tribute to Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W’s collaborator and father-in-law). The name of their daughter is Haadiya. They intended to make both of their children religious scholars. He is not only a good cricketer but also a sympathetic man.

Moreover, being a true Muslim Moeen never flirted or dated anyone because he was and is a very strict follower of Islam. Islam is a religion in which there is no concern about sexual relationships before marriage. Due to his intentions and humbleness, the benefactor (Almighty) blessed him with success in his career.

Career Accomplishments

  • Moreover, the cricketer has been receiving a reasonable amount of 8 crores PKR per month with the major source of endorsements with different brands.
  • The all-rounder has been performing superbly in the English team. He has won the, “best sportsman”, from the British Muslim Awards.
  • He has achieved 2914 runs in 64 test matches and 1877 runs in 112 ODI encounters. In T-20 Internationals he has appeared in 48 games and scored 623 runs. An account of his superb off-spin can be regulated by the superb performances that he had stolen 195 in tests, 87 in ODI, and 33 in T-20.
  • We can conclude that Moeen Ali is one of the best all-rounders of all time in the entire cricket world.
  • As a sportsman, Moeen always tries to keep him fit and sound through proper exercise and diet. His wife also likes healthy meals like her husband. They are going on the same pathway.

Charity Works

His charity works are impressive. He is an ambassador of an institution named “street chance” where cricket coaching is stimulated for the poor youngsters. Moeen Ali had also joined Orphans in need in 2015. He feels comfortable and pleased to do these services.


The couple is spending a collaborative life which is vital for living a successful and peaceful passage of time.

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