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Mesut Ozil Net Worth

Last Updated on January 4, 2022

Mesut Ozil Net Worth

About Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil is a German professional football player who plays for the popular Premier League football club Arsenal. Ozil is one of the best football players in the world. He is the most talented and wonderful player Arsenal has ever seen. Mesut Ozil’s net worth is more than $101 million. He is one of the highest-paid football players of Arsenal FC. Mesut Ozil’s salary is 15.6 million GBP according to the 2018 review. He plays as a winger and attacking midfielder.

So, as of now in 2022, Mesut Ozil’s net worth is around $101 million.

The 31 years old German has a great professional career in which he played for many football clubs including Real Madrid and Arsenal. He has sponsorship deals with some of the top brands of the world.

Early Life & Career

Mesut Ozil was born on 15 October 1988 in Germany. He is eligible for playing with Germany or Turkey football team. Ozil was moved to the youth system of Schalke 04 in 2005. After that, he moved to Werder Bremen where he played for two years.

In 2010 Ozil moved to the most popular Spanish club Real Madrid where he grew up with some of the best football players in the world. Ozil played three seasons for the Spanish club. On 2 September 2013, he was moved to his current club Arsenal FC. He has a value of backbone in his team. In different important matches, he helped a lot his team in winning.

Ozil’s international career is also wonderful. He played many mega-events with his team and played as a very important player. But in May 2018 after a controversy of his pictures with the Turkish president impacted a lot on his international career. He faced a lot of criticism and racial abuse. Because of this, he decided to leave the international football and Germany football team.

Love Life & Family

Mesut Ozil’s wife is Amine Gulse. They were married in 2019. His wife is a professional actress. She has crowned Miss Turkey in 2014. Both husband and wife are happy in their married life.

In March 2020 Amine Gulse gave birth to Ozil’s first child.


One of the best strikers in the football world Mesut Ozil is a German professional footballer who plays for Arsenal FC. He spent most of his career with Real Madrid and Arsenal. With an estimated net worth of $101 million, Ozil is one of the highest-paid players in Arsenal.

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