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Erling Haaland dreams of a farm, cows and tractors

Erling Haaland, the star player of Man City, envisions himself living on a small farm in 20 years, surrounded by cows and tractors. In an interview with ESPN, the 21-year-old expressed his desire to have a farm after his football career in Bryne.

Although he doesn’t currently own any cows, he plans to have them in the future. Haaland described himself as the “quiet guy from Bryne” and emphasized his preference for solitude.

He enjoys being left alone and considers himself to be a private individual. His ideal day involves waking up naturally, enjoying a good breakfast, and spending the entire day basking in the sun and relaxing.

Despite his passion for football, Haaland recognizes the importance of taking breaks and clearing his mind.

He believes that switching off is crucial to avoid burnout, as being a footballer comes with immense pressure. To recharge mentally, he engages in various activities such as being on a farm, driving a tractor, or tending to cows.

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