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Derrick Rose Net Worth

Derrick Rose Net Worth

About Derrick Rose Net Worth

Derrick Rose is a popular American professional basketball player. He plays for the popular NBA team Detroit Pistons.

As of now according to a recent revision in 2022, Derrick Rose’s net worth is estimated at around $85 million. In 2011 he extended his contract with Bulls for $94.8 million. He has a shoe deal with one of the most popular brands Adidas for $1 million per year.

Early Life & Career

Derrick Rose was born on 4 October 1988 in Chicago, Illinois. All of his siblings were basketball players and they taught him about basketball. He used to play with his sibling and polished his skills as a professional later. He was enrolled in Simeon Career Academy and played high school basketball. Rose spent his college career at Memphis and was drafted to NBA in 2008 by Chicago Bulls.

As a professional basketball player, he has set a number of recorded and titles that are considered iconic basketball titles. With a knee injury during 2010-11, he struggled a lot in maintaining himself as a professional player and returned to playback in 2014. He was a member of the national team which won a gold medal in FIBA world cub 2014.

Love Life & Family

Derrick Rose’s partner’s name is Alaina Anderson who is a cute and beautiful woman. According to some news, they have two children. Rose and Mieka Reese also have children Derrick Rose, Jr. together.


Derrick Rose is one of the most popular, hard-working, and professionally best-trained basketball players. He has set a number of titles and awards during his professional career.

As of now in 2022, Derrick Rose’s net worth is around $85 million. He has deals and contracts with some of the best and top advertising brands including Adidas.

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