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Bruce Buffer Net Worth

Bruce Buffer Net Worth

About Bruce Buffer Net Worth

Bruce Buffer is a popular American professional MMA ring announcer. He is famous for his catchphrase ”it’s time” which he announces in a unique and specific style. As of now, Bruce Buffer’s net worth is about $10 million which got boosted after his fame as an MMA announcer. Bruce Buffer is the half brother of Michael Buffer who is also a popular announcer.

Early Life & Career

Bruce Buffer was born on 21 May 1957 in Montvale, New Jersey, the U.S. He began boxing at the age of 13. In Tang Soo Do he won a black belt where he fought as a kickboxer. After moving to California he professionally started his career and met some friends who introduced him in the world of boxing. He started kickboxing when he was 20 plus.

Buffer announced many important and most-watched competitions and became famous due to a unique and thrilling style of announcement. He performed most 45° and 90° turns mostly but 180 also on special events when the audience is big and more interested in announcements.

Bruce Buffer is an official announcer for the World Series of Beer Pong. In many popular games, he got a lot of fame as an announcer. After meeting with his half brother Michael Buffer they both contracted a partnership to increase the productivity of their trademark.

Love Life & Family

Bruce Buffer’s wife’s name is Annie and they have two children. He never revealed much about his personal life affairs.


One of the most popular announcers of the world Bruce Buffer’s net worth is estimated at around $10 million, according to a recent revision. His worth increased after his partnership with his half brother Michael Buffer.

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