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Top 10 Best Triple Jump World Records

The triple jump, also known as the hop, move, and jump or hop, skip, and fall, is a related track and field occurrence to the long jump. The two events are collectively known as the “horizontal hops.” The competitor races down the lane, hopping, bounding, and jumping into the sand trap. Since the Games’ establishment in 1896, hop has become a contemporary Olympic sport, influenced by the ancient Olympic Games. There are many athletes who take part in the competition but only a few can make it to the world records for it. Here are the top 10 best triple jump world records.

10. Volodymyr Inozemtsev – Ukrian

volodymyr inozemtsev

Mark: 17.90m 

Wind: +1.0m

Volodymyr Inozemtsev was a Ukrainian triple jumper. On June 20, 1990, at an encounter in Bratislava, he set one of the world records for a triple jump of  17.90 m. He came fourth at the 1989 World Indoor Championships (17.17 meters), second at the 1989 IAAF World Cup (17.31 meters), and third at the 1990 Goodwill Games (17.06 meters) in Athletics. He also participated in the World Championships (16.84 m) in 1993, but did not make it to the final.

9. James Beckford – Jamaica

James Beckford 

Mark: 17.92m 

Wind: +1.9m

James Beckford is a track and field competitor from Jamaica who competes in the long jump and triple jump. In 1996, 2000, and 2004, he was a member of the Jamaican Olympic squad.

He earned a silver medal in the long jump at the 1996 Olympics and two silver medals at the World Athletics Championships. With a leap of 17.92 meters, he currently holds the Jamaican triple jump record.

8. Khristo Markov – Bulgaria

Khristo MARKOV

Mark: 17.92m 

Wind: +1.6m

Khristo  Markov is a retired Bulgarian triple jumper who is best known for winning the 1988 Olympic gold medal. He also brought home the European and World titles.

At the 1987 World Championships, he set the world record for the triple jump of 17.92m. Markov was unable to retain his playing standard after his Olympic victory. His last podium performance was at the 1990 European Championships (silver), but he struggled to qualify for the 1991 World Championships or the 1992 Olympics.

7. Willie Banks – United States

Willie Banks

Mark: 17.97m 

Wind: +1.5m

Banks competed in the triple jump as a track and field competitor. At the national championships in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, on June 16, 1985, he set a world record of 17.97 m (58 foot 11.5 inches). In 1977 and 1978, he came second in the NCAA Tournaments. He graduated from UCLA with a B.A. and a Juris Doctorate.

In 1981, he smashed the American triple jump title. He qualified for the 1980 US Olympic team but did not take part due to the boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, Russia by the US Olympic Committee. Additionally, he was among 461 competitors who earned a Congressional Gold Medal.

6. Teddy Tamgho – France

Teddy Tamgho

Mark: 18.06m 

Wind: +0.3m

Teddy Tamgho is a triple jumper and long jumper from France. He holds the existing world indoor triple jump mark of 17.92 meters, which he set while winning a gold medal at the 2011 European Indoor Championships. Tamgho is the world’s sixth-best outdoor jumper, with the best record of 18.04 meters earned in the 2013 World Championships.

5. Pedro Pablo Pichardo – Portugal

Pedro Pablo Pichardo

Mark: 18.08m 

Wind: 0.0m

Pedro Pablo Pichardo is a triple jumper from Portugal who was born in Cuba. He captured the 2012 World Junior Championship and came second in the 2013 World Championship. His 17.79 m triple jump in early 2014 was the highest of the year. His 17.94 m rendered him the #6 player of all time in 2015.

On May 15, 2015, at the Qatar Athletic Super Grand Prix in Doha, Qatar, Pichardo leaped 18.06 m. He is also the third-best player of all time as a result of his performance. Pichardo enhanced his own Cuban national record by 2 cm by leaping 18.08 meters at the Copa Cuba-Memorial Barrientos meet in Havana on May 28, 2015.

4. Kenny Harrison – United States

Kenny Harrison - Top 10 Best Triple Jump World Records

Mark: 18.09m 

Wind: – 0.4m

Kenny Harrison is a retired triple jumper for the United States of America. His hopes of participating in the 1992 Olympics were destroyed when he ripped the cartilage of his leg, the 1991 World Triple Jump Winner. Harrison bounced back from surgery to take gold in the 1996 Summer Olympics with a personal best, American, and Olympic mark of 18.09 meters. This leap is noteworthy for being the longest with a negative wind reading ever undertaken.

3. Will Claye – United States

Will Claye - Top 10 Best Triple Jump World Records

Mark: 18.14m 

Wind:+ 0.4m

Will Claye is a Sierra Leonean-American track and field competitor who competes in the long jump and triple jump. He earned gold medals at the 2012 and 2018 IAAF World Indoor Championships, as well as a bronze medal at the 2011 World Championships in Athletics.

Claye earned a bronze medal in the long jump and a silver medal in the competition in his Olympic debut at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Four years later, he replicated his silver medal performance in the triple jump. His career record of 18.14 m, achieved on June 29, 2019, at the Jim Bush Southern California USATF Championships in Long Beach, positions him third all-time in the triple jump.

2. Christian Taylor – United States

Christian Taylor - Top 10 Best Triple Jump World Records

Mark: 18.21m 

Wind:+ 0.2m

Christian Taylor is a United States triple jumper with a personal best of 18.21 meters, which places him second all time. He is the reigning Champion and the ruling Olympic champion.

At the 2007 World Youth Athletics Championships, he won the triple jump and took bronze in the long jump. At the University of Florida, he established himself as a top-level triple jumper, winning back-to-back NCAA Indoor titles and consecutive NCAA Outdoor Championship titles in 2010 and 2011. Taylor won his first national title in the USA Outdoor in 2011.

1. Jonathan Edwards – United Kingdom

Jonathan Edwards - Top 10 Best Triple Jump World Records

Mark: 18.29m

Wind: +1.3m

Jonathan Edwards is a retired triple jumper from the United Kingdom. He is an Olympic, International, Commonwealth, and European champion, as well as the reigning world record holder in the sport, which he has maintained since 1995.

In his breakout year of 1995, Edwards captured the European Cup with a jump of 18.43 m. The jump was helped by the wind and did not qualify for the title, but it was an indication of things to come when he completed an undefeated year with a historic gold medal run at the World Championships, where he smashed the world record twice in the same match. With a leap of 18.16 meters in his first jump, he became the first individual to legally clear the 18-meter mark. The record was around 20 minutes long. With his second leap of 18.29 meters, he became the first human to jump 60 meters.

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The top 10 triple jump world records are:

  1. Jonathan Edwards – 18.29m
  2. Christian Taylor – 18.21m
  3. Will Claye – 18.14m
  4. Kenny Harrison – 18.09m
  5. Pedro Pablo Pichardo – 18.08m
  6. Teddy Tamgho – 18.06m
  7. Willie Banks – 17.97m
  8. Khristo Markov – 17.92m
  9. James Beckford – 17.92m
  10. Volodymyr Inozemtsev – 17.90m

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