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Ben Stokes’ Wife: Who is Clare Radcliffe? Kids and More

Ben Stokes' Wife

Who is Ben Stokes’ wife? Here in the below story, we have some interesting things about Clare Radcliffe, the pretty wife of the English cricketer.

Benjamin Andrew Stokes, by and large, called Ben Stokes, is an all-rounder English cricket competitor who is right-handed with the ball and left-handed with the bat. However, this synopsis is concerning his not to be disclosed life, page of his wedding tale can be traced back to 2010 when he met Clare Radcliffe at Old Trafford and it was just the beginning of his career.

Ben Stokes' Wife

They started liking and conversing with each other along with a bit of gossip on social media. After three years they got affianced as they were both realistic and optimistic for each other. They maintained this relation till 2017 and then got mingled formally as well as religiously.

Ben Stokes Girlfriends before Marriage

After gathering all types of rumors about his hookups, dates, and meetings we reach the conclusion that he had never socialized any of his relationship status except Clare Radcliffe who was a primary teacher then. They had two children namely Layton Stokes (Son) and Libby Stokes(Daughter) before the marriage.

Ben Stokes Marriage Ceremony

Before the time of the wedding the athlete was reported to be suffering from an injury but his wedding ceremony tape doesn’t show any sign of injury on his body.

Ben Stokes' Wife

English cricketers, friends, and family members were in-country church to celebrate the charm of formal announcement when the all-rounder rounded his beloved future wife.

Ben Stokes' Wife

Clare Radcliffe and Ben Stokes Relation

Ben Stokes is the world’s most illustrious all-around cricketer being paid a monthly income of $100k whilst his wife being a teacher before the marriage, has signed on the resignation letter and started working as a housewife. Spending many years of glee, the pair still has marvelous coordination which witnesses the resemblance of personality traits. Furthermore, her love supported him in doing his professional labor.

Ben Stokes' Wife

Clare’s brother(Chris Ratcliffe) recorded a video portraying the promising relationship and deeper connection between his sister and in-law, has clarified, “As per the historical record, Stokes never flirted with any other girl except her”.

Ben Stokes’ Wife Facts

Here are some likes of Ben Stokes’ wife, Clare Radcliffe.

  • Sometime smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Workout
  • Dance
  • Watching cricket matches
  • Reading novels
  • Using social media apps

Stokes Struggles

Ben Stokes tattoos
Ben Stokes tattoos

1.85 meters tall cricketer played good hands in leagues and international contests. The right-arm fast seamer had been ratted the world’s no. 1 all-rounder in 2020, but now as of 2022, he is at 6 because many anguish and errors were detected in the late struggling career. For further references, the probability behind the decline could be the 4 consecutive sixes smashed by C.Brathwaite in the 2016 world cup. He was broken after the semi-final match with West-indies.

Delightful Period for the Couple

He was completely left alone but then, in 2017, his wife came to him officially for his whole life and started supporting him through thick and thin. After this influence, the batting record flourished and spat 258 runs, 190 runs, 11 sixes in an innings, the highest coalition of 399 runs thus the entire cricket world knows him as more of a batsman than a seamer. This was the effect of the love and affiliation of the pair that his bat again started earning more.

Ben Stokes kids

Is Ben Stokes Married?

A one-word answer is, Yes. He is married and living a happy life.

How Many Kids Ben Stokes Has?

The English cricketer is a loving father of two children Layton Stokes and Libby Stokes.

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