70-20: Breaking Down Miami Dolphins’ Historic Win Against the Denver Broncos


After an impeccable opening two weeks into the regular season, the Miami Dolphins faced the Denver Broncos in their home ground in Week 3. Miami won 70 points over 20 by the Broncos, the most points bagged by any NFL team in almost 60 years. All-time NFL and franchise records were also broken. 

In this post, we’ll look at the factors that fueled this historic win.

Speed Thrills

One prominent factor in the offensive success of the Miami Dolphins is their speed. The team features more than a few of the fastest players in the league, which appears in the Next Generation Stats – Fastest Ball Carriers.

This season, the Dolphins have the five quickest speeds for ball carriers. 

Player Week Speed (MPH) Play Type
Devon Achane 3 21.93 67-yard touchdown run
Tyreek Hill 1 21.66 47-yard touchdown catch
Raheem Mostert 2 21.62 43-yard touchdown run
Tyreek Hill 1 21.52 35-yard touchdown catch
Devon Achane 3 21.5 3-yard touchdown run


Owning the five spots means that the Dolphins are the fastest team in the league. They’re a force to be reckoned with, and it will take a lot of effort to beat them. Check out FanDuel NFL odds for the Dolphins to make informed betting decisions.

Tua Tagovailoa’s Command of the Offense

Miami Dolphins star quarterback Tua Tagovailoa showcased complete control over the team’s offense against the Broncos. According to the Next Gen Stats, he averages 2.34 seconds in the passing pocket before throwing the ball this season.

Under the best of circumstances, defensive linemen would be able to get Tagovailoa. However, with his lightning speed, it seems impossible to get to him. Out of 101 times, Tagavailoa has thrown the ball, he’s only been sacked once.

Aside from getting the ball out much quicker, Tagovailoa is also attacking down the field. On average, his passes are traveling 9.2 yards down the field, ranking fifth in the league. However, the other four quarterbacks with higher marks take more time to throw a ball than Tagovailoa.

They are giving their wide receivers much longer time to get open. But Tagovailoa does not need this much time because other Dolphins players in the offense are certified speedsters, as seen in the Next Gen Stats.


Although offensive play significantly contributed to the historic win of the Miami Dolphins, it was abetted by their defense, forcing three turnovers. The first two turnovers gave the Dolphins offense starting field position inside the Broncos’ ten-yard line.

Additionally, the Dolphins forced two fumbles and stopped Broncos’ quarterback Russel Wilson once in their game. All these were critical plays by the Dolphins’ defense to command the momentum.

Emergence Of Rookie De’Von Achane

De’Von Achane emerged as a monster rookie in last Sunday’s game against the Broncos. On 18 carries, he had two touchdowns and went for 203 yards. Additionally, Achane had two touchdown catches on short passes from quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

Coach Mike McDaniel should leverage Achane’s breakout performance and use him as a weapon on their offense. Although Achane has only played in two games, his 11.3 yards per carry average gets further ahead of all NFL tailbacks.

With this average, Achane is undoubtedly in the talks for the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year. For him to do so, Achane needs to continue getting at-bats. His performance last Sunday should allow him to dominate the Dolphins offensive line.

McDaniel must invest in De’Von Achane because he symbolizes the franchise’s future. That means even when Salvon Ahmed and Jeff Wilson return from their injuries, Achane should continue to have a befitting amount of touches.

Also, it means the Miami Dolphins can terminate their discussions with Indianapolis Colts tailback Jonathan Taylor. Why use your resources to acquire another tailback when you already have the best in the league?


In a 70-20 devastation of the Denver Broncos last Sunday, Miami Dolphins’ rookie De’Von Achane and running back Raheem Mostert each accounted for four touchdowns. That’s eight combined touchdowns from a pair of running backs.

Tyreek Hill also contributed one touchdown for 54 yards in the first quarter. Wide receiver Robbie Chosen scored a touchdown for 68 yards in the fourth quarter. All in all, that’s ten incredible touchdowns for the Dolphins.

The Broncos’ defense didn’t work that day, allowing these touchdowns to happen. They’ll be unstoppable if the Dolphins can repeat the same energy, passion, and determination in their next games.


The fact that the Miami Dolphins racked up 70 points and only allowed the Broncos 20 points is a testament to their skill, prowess, and strategy. Plus, they have set several team and individual records on this historic game and got most of the press. If the Dolphins’ defense can allow shoestring points, there’s no telling where the team can go this season.